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Sep 5, 2022 - Nov 7, 2022

Weight Loss Programme through personalised health

  • 64Days
  • 1Step


This programme is for people who are looking to achieve weight loss, manage chronic conditions like diabetes, more energy, better sleep and recovery in their days. Together over a 10 week period we will discover what you need in your daily environment. These are the topics we will discover together: 1. Creating your personalised health profile and how to manage your profile 2. Who YOU are, your natural unique talents and why this plays a role in health 3. The top foods that benefit your body and why. We will also learn how to incorporate these into your days. 4. Chronobiology; what you are doing at the time of day. This helps reduce inflammation and aging, also provides better recovery 5. Exercise and recovery; what type of exercise benefits you most and where to start for yourself 6. Social and Place; community plays a huge role in how we thrive in our days. This section will be about what we need in order to feel connected in a community 7. Psychology; we all think and see the world differently. Learn what mental stress looks like to you and how to cope with your mental stressors 8. Psychology; we will come back for a second session on this and share our observations. In this section we will give tools on how to work together to make it cohesive in each environment 9. Reflection week; how far we've come, what we've learned and a reassessment on our successes 10. Celebration and how to manage your profile in future The AI tool is available for use for a year.

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